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Brand new bitcoin url shortener. Short your links and earn bitcoins for each click. is a completely free link-shortening service which allows you to EARN BITCOIN from your links! You can use this service just to zap your long URLs and convert them into much more convenient short URLs – and optionally you earn revenue from each person that visits your links.

Share your URL wherever you like!
For example you can post it on your favourite social network Facebook, Twitter etc. Publish it on your own website or blog. You can even advertise it on your preferred ad network!

You can earn bitcoin for all unique, verified visitors to your links. Earnings are paid daily and the aim is to pay out more than any other competitor services.

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YABTCL Bitcoin Lottery

YABTCL Bitcoin Lottery

YABTCL ( Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery) is a Lottery System based on bitcoins.

There are different lottery options available:

  • Instant Lottery
  • Scheduled Lottery
  • Free Lottery – get 3 free tickets daily
  • Faucet – claim 500 satoshi every 5 minutes

Its a fun game to play and it is the most complete provably fair lottery system available so far.  In other words, it’s very simple lottery based on the algorithm “provably fair”.  It’s an open source algorithm for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator. This lottery is exciting and the website is totally clear and simple!

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Anonymous Ads is an advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data. The network payment system is based on bitcoins. A-ads is running since 2011 and is used on many bitcoin related websites. 

  • Easy to setup
  • Selection of traffic sources
  • Diverse inventory
  • Affordable traffic

Create your ad- unit or advertising campaign in 30 seconds, no registration needed!

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