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CoinAdNet– The Bitcoin Advertising Network

is an brand new ad-network services, which is using bitcoins.

Advertisers can buy eCPM (impressions/views) or PPC (pay per click) with bitcoins.

Publishers can earn bitcoins for eCPM (impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

  • Advanced Targeting – Reach users around the world, and get bitcoin niche targeted traffic.
  • Detailed Statistics – advanced statistic and detailed traffic reports.
  • Fair Value – Both advertisers and publishers receive the best value. It’s easy & simple bitcoin advertising!
  • Bitcoin Friendly – Pay advertising with bitcoins, or monetize your website or blog.
  • Ad Types – Different Ads and Styles are choosable. Banners, TextAds, Full Page Ads, Bitcoin Keywords Ads and more…

The first look is very good. Hopefully this site will get many advertisers and publisher, so it becomes an other source for bitcoin targeted traffic, or for publishers an other bitcoin income stream.

You can also invite others and get affiliate commissions, just simply post your referral code or link.

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The Stolen DAO Funds Are On the Move

The Stolen DAO Funds Are On the Move

More than $5m worth of digital currency associated with the attack on The DAO is on the move.

Identified via an analysis of the ethereum classic blockchain, the finding comes courtesy of data analyst Bok Khoo. Founder of New Zealand-based Bok Consulting, Khoo’s work shows that 3.6m classic ethers were likely moved to a new account earlier this week.

While a seemingly small development, the fund transfer is likely to have a deep relevance for those who have been following the debates in ethereum stemming from The DAO’s failure.

After an attack on The DAO successfully moved $60m to an account controlled by an unknown individual or group, an eventual hard fork of the ethereum blockchain returned the hacked funds to the original owners. But, not everyone agreed with the plan.

The decision led to a split of the ethereum community along ideological lines, with ethereum classic continuing to use the network’s original record of transactions and balances. In revitalizing the blockchain, the attacker also gained the potential to claim the funds, and they now appear to be seizing the opportunity.

So far, 1,000 classic ethers (worth about $1,500) have been transferred from the new account identified by Khoo to an account associated with the developers of ethereum classic.

Since the funds are now in an account that does not appear to be restricted by The DAO’swithdrawal policies, the ether should now be able to be withdrawn.

This means that hacker could ultimately convert his stolen value – assuming someone will make the trade.

Getting out

The development follows Khoo’s identification of the new address and his ability to show how those funds originated from another account earlier associated with The DAO.

What happens next is still up in the air.

For instance, there doesn’t appear to be any online marketplaces currently accepting ethereum classic in exchange for goods.

One digital currency exchange currently trading classic ethers has already indicated it worked with “law enforcement” before releasing additional funds associated with the attack.

For now, however, it is unclear whether it or another exchange would exchange the funds or whether their current owners may seek to conduct a harder-to-trace in-person trade.

Source: CoinDesk

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A Bitcoin Wallet is your digital wallet where you can store your bitcoins. In your wallet you can also send and receive bitcoins, it is very similar to online banking.

Basically there are two options to get a wallet. Option one is that you download a bitcoin client, or option two is that you use an online bitcoin wallet services. The difference between those two options is that with the bitcoin client all the coins are stored on your computer, or smartphone, and so on. On the online wallet service, all your bitcoins are stored there.

So which wallet is better to use?

Bitcoin Client:

You are your own bank, all coins are stored on your devices or on a paper wallet.

– It is all up to you to keep your coins safe, if you mess up you could lose all your bitcoins. So always make sure that you have a backup, and that your wallet key is password protected.

Online Bitcoin Wallet Services:

+ With an username and password you can access your wallet from any computer or smartphone.

– If the online service closes or fails, you could lose all your bitcoins. Before you use an online wallet service, make sure it is trusted. Especially wallet services that promise you a profit when you store your bitcoins on there, are very suspicious.

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Trading

When it comes to bitcoin trading sites and services you really need to take a review on the site you want to trade on. Why? Because there are way to many sites, that will either scam you, or close down after a while. For example Mt.Gox, this was a big bitcoin trading site, and just decided to close one day, and they also got problems because of some manipulation on the bitcoins market price. This is why you should always take some reviews, before you send money or bitcoins to a trading website.

I have tested a few sites, also some Altcoin trading sites, where you can buy and sell other crypto-currencys as well. Most of them don’t even exist anymore, and i have also lost a few dollars and bitcoins.

The only one i have always trusted is Bitstamp. On Bitstamp you can buy and sell  bitcoins in realtime. This service is running since a long time, they serving the bitcoin industry since 2011 and they are the first fully licensed bitcoin exchange. Its probably the best bitcoin trading site so far. They also have a great support, that will always help you.

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